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Irreducible essence of three New Zealand birds

Irreducible essence of three New Zealand birds

Exploration into symbols, typographic markmaking and publication.

This project was an AUT University Assignment. 

The brief: "Choose three animals. Explore their forms and depict the three animals in a variety of series. Next, experiment with integrating and merging the forms. Finally, represent them with a chosen media."

My animals were the Kea (mountain parrot), Piwakawaka (fantail) and Kotuku (white heron).  Development of a series of these birds involved form explaration, patterns and tessellations, organic strokes vs geometric shapes.


I then explored integration and merging of two or three of the birds into symbols and pictograms.

... and using shadows and depth as a medium.

All workings and discovery reflected in three, hand-bound publications.

Final pictogram resolution
Combination of the kea and kotuku in circular motion. Created usng shadows, photography and photoshop.

Garden Genie - Let's get started

Garden Genie - Let's get started